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das ich solange nicht geschrieben habe. ich wollte schon 2 mal schreiben, hab dann auf zurück geklickt unabsichtlich und alles war weg >.> so aba diesmal. ICONS & SPRÜCHE. internet is zwar noch immer schrott aber was soll's. let's start.

np.: Mariah Carey - Butterfly


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luv it <3


quOtes [SPRÜCHE]

quote of the week ->                                Did you ever dream of
The sirens of the ambulance
waking up in the emergency room
and hearing the doctors say
"she isn't going to make it"
just so you could find out who really
cared about you

And there are times when you
don’t want to wake up in the morning
because you know
that reality hurts

The only thing worse than a
broken heart is
you'd give anything for a another chance

Turn on the shower
lock the door
fall upon the tile
and cry once more.
Grab a towel
Smother the sounds
don't let a soul hear
that you're breaking down

you've got bruises on your arms girl;
you lie to me and say you tripped and fell
but i recognize the hollow in your eyes;
your story goes deep.
i see a mere child only trying to defend herself
against a man who promised to take care of her.

Someone out there was
Meant to be the love of your life.
The one you can tell your dreams to
And he'll smile at you when you do,
But he'll never laugh.
He'll brush your hair out of your face
And stare at you during a movie
Even though he paid $8 dollars
To see it. He'll call you to tell you
He couldn't stop thinking about you.
And most importantly, he'll look
Right in your eyes and tell you
That you're the most beautiful girl
He has ever seen and for the
First time in your life, you are
Going to believe it.

She knew she could be
beautiful. But she didn't worry
about that, how she looked,
what she wore. Why? Because
she was waiting for the guy who
would look at her heart, and not
just at her.


Life was brighter when you were here.

I had a reason to wake up in the morning

I knew why it was worth living

You made me smile

Actually… life is much harder without you here

Maybe i should’ve told you that i really care for you

Before you pushed the needle in your skin

and never woke up again…



Always in my heart & never forgotten

R.I.P Flo


das war's

hf ♥

8.4.08 12:58