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RIESEN UPDATE! -- gute besserung,

der arme leidet an ner stimmbandentzündung,
so schlimm dass die letzten und die nächsten konzerte
abgesagt werden müssen.
ich hoffe doch er wird bald wieder richtig gesund
und ich seh ihn in ljubljana & dortmund.
ich hätte soviel was ich dazu schreiben könnte.
aber ich lass es lieber mal.
hab heute überhapt keine lust viel zu schreiben,
ich habe wieder schreckliche bauchschmerzen.
ich wollte heut eigentlich massen an icons postern doch mein pc
ist noch immer zum schmeissen >.>
heut also nur quotes
the infamous
q u o t e o f t h e w e e k__:
well, you've done it, you've made me start to fall in love with you. i'm sitting here crying because i'm so scared, but at the same time i'm so happy i'm falling in love with you. you're the person i've waited for all this time; the person i've looked for all my life and when i least expected it you walked into my life. you listen when i talk, you are there when i cry and then you make me smile when i swear i'll never be happy again. i'm crying for the last time, i hope and i trust you won't hurt me. it's so hard for me to trust guys, but you're worth it to me. so, here's my heart, see all the little cracks? they're pretty small and healed nicely, but i know that you're the one heart that could make it completely shatter. promise me you won’t; please, promise me you’ll love me forever and that you won’t break my heart. even if you can't promise me that, i'll give you my heart anyway because i know that if i don't, i'll regret it for the rest of my life.
you're the one person who is necessary in my life.
When lifes got you down
and you dont know why
when its so fucked up
you just want to cry
tears that hurts so bad
you just want to die
stick the knife in your arm
and just know that your life is
nothing but a lie

i know in the back of my mind that
life would be so much easier
if i never talked to you again.
if i shut you out of my life & moved on.
then i could finally get over you.
but you make me happy &
whether or not its right or wrong ..
i dont have the strength to give up.
sometimes when you like
someone enough, you can’t really
put into words how you feel.
you just kind of look at them
&, well…you just know
How would you know if he really loves you?
It's when you scream, he's calm.
When you slap him, he kisses you.
When you cry, he hugs you.
When you tell him that you hate him,
he tells you he loves you..
He reached for her hand.
"I don't want to lose you."
His voice was almost in a whisper.
She could feel the tears again,
& she fought them back.
"But you don't want to keep me either, do you?"
To that, he had no response.
hold your head high, gorgeous
people would kill
to see you fall.
and im jealous of every couple i see in the halls
not because of how happy that girl seems to be
but because of how proud the boy is
to be holding hands with her...
every time I look at him I fall even more in love
and I manage to forget how much he pissed me
off, and how much I wanted to leave him right
where he's standing, because there's something
about him that gets me everytime, and leaves
me completely breathless
I should've pin my heart to my
back so when I walk away;
you can see it breaking
You're Hanging On The Edge Of A Cliff
& You're Fingers Are Slipping. I See You,
The Fear In Your Eyes.
I Stare At You With A Blank Expression
Yet I Don't Move.
I Just Want You To Hurt The Way I Do.
when i looked into your eyes, & you
dared to stare back, you should've said,
"nice to meet you, i'm your other half."
good things always seem to turn into
mistakes you wish you could take back
everything & you wish it'd be perfect
& be perfect forever but then you realize
that you can't take back anything
knowing that you did nothing wrong & it
was something else that caused everything
to go wrong...but no matter how much you
wish for it, it will never happen &
it will never be perfect & you wasted
so many times crying & hurt over something
that was never really worth all the hurt
in the first place...but even still you
wish everything would be perfect.

np: Kelly Clarkson-The Trouble with Love is
guuute nacht.
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